11 rescuers who worked at the explosion site were hospitalized in Kuzbass – RBK

In the Kemerovo region, doctors hospitalized 11 employees of the mine rescue service who were working at the Listvyazhnaya mine after the explosion. About it told Governor of the region Sergey Tsivilev on Instagram.

“11 <...> mine rescuers <...>, one with a craniocerebral injury, were also admitted to hospitals,” the head of the region said, noting that the rest of the hospitalized rescuers showed symptoms of poisoning, their condition is assessed as moderate without threat to life.

During the incident, 46 miners and six rescuers were killed, added the commander of the Kemerovo paramilitary mine rescue detachment (VGSO), Yuri She.

In addition, Tsivilev indicated that, according to the latest data, in addition to 11 rescuers, there are also 38 miners in hospitals. He assured that the state of health of the victims “has not changed in the direction of deterioration.” As told TASS source in the emergency services, the number of victims rose to 57 people.

What is known about the accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine in Kuzbass. The main thing

EMERCOM employees on the territory of the Listvyazhnaya mine  in the city of Belovo

By message local authorities, on the morning of November 25, smoke began to appear at the mine. At that time, there were 285 people underground, but the main part – 239 people – managed to log off from the mine. Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Dmitry Demeshin said that the investigation is considering a methane explosion as a preliminary cause of the emergency at Listvyazhnaya.

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