17 planes with peacekeepers arrived in the Moscow region and Ivanovo KXan 36 Daily News

On Saturday, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported all day about the arrival of military transport aircraft from Kazakhstan to Russia with our peacekeepers, weapons, equipment and property on board. The ministry posted footage of their meeting on the Internet.

According to the agency, in the morning of January 15, 17 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces flew to the territory of the Russian Federation from the Central Asian republic. Seven of them (three Ruslan An-124s and four Il-76s) landed at the Chkalovskaya air base near Moscow. Ten aircraft landed at the Ivanovo-Severny airfield.

The houses of our military were greeted like real heroes. So, at a reception in the Moscow region, representatives of the command of the Airborne Forces congratulated the peacekeepers on the successful completion of their tasks and thanked them for their highest professionalism. The Song and Dance Ensemble of the Airborne Forces performed several musical numbers for them.

At the end of the solemn rally, the personnel unloaded their equipment and property from the aircraft and marched to the point of permanent deployment.

At the airport “Ivanovo-Severny”, where the peacekeepers of the local 98th airborne division who arrived from Kazakhstan were met, the governor of the Ivanovo region Stanislav Voskresensky congratulated the servicemen on their return. Here, their relatives, colleagues, representatives of the “Union of Paratroopers”, veterans of the “winged infantry” were waiting for them. The head of the region not only thanked the military personnel for the highest professionalism during the peacekeeping operation, but also congratulated the command of the Ivanovo Airborne Forces unit on the successful completion of tasks.

It is known that the return of CSTO peacekeepers from Kazakhstan, which began on Thursday, will be completed by January 19. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation recalled that earlier Russian military transport aircraft had already delivered the military contingents of Armenia, Belarus and Tajikistan from Kazakhstan to the points of permanent deployment. And the unit of peacekeepers of Kyrgyzstan returned home, having made a march on standard equipment.

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