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On January 13, the Gaidar Forum 2022, organized with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, will open within the walls of the Presidential Academy. The Forum will traditionally become the first business event of the year and will set the key vectors of the public agenda for the current year. The organizers of the Forum are the Presidential Academy, the E.T. Gaidar and the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia.

One of the main topics of the first day of the Gaidar Forum will be rethinking the health care system in the context of the consequences of the pandemic. New formats of drug provision, the lessons learned by the regions during the pandemic, the fight against chronic noncommunicable diseases, the increase in the efficiency of the system for providing orphan patients – leading experts will discuss these and many other issues.

The Forum experts also focus on the development of the national education system. Representatives of public authorities, leaders of leading companies, heads of major educational institutions will talk about the latest global and local trends in the education market, as well as about the opportunities and challenging challenges facing its participants.

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian market economy. During this time, the status of Russia as a market economy was recognized by the leading developed economies of the world, and the country itself entered the WTO. Special attention will be paid to such an important topic at the Forum. The speakers will assess the success story of the domestic market, talk about its features and key challenges of the past years, and also discuss the development agenda of the market economy for the next 30 years.

Other key sessions of the first day of the Gaidar Forum include: International cooperation and export: priorities; Russia’s Social Development Strategy: Medium-Term Priorities; Scientific and educational centers: hope or headache of the region; Strategy priorities for the construction industry and housing and communal services; How to develop fiscal federalism ?; Cloud Capitalism; Sustainable Development: Challenges, Threats and Opportunities for the Tourism Industry; And also: ethics of digitalization, a new approach to public-private partnership, social entrepreneurship, the integration potential of the Eurasian market, investment development of regions, sustainable development of agriculture and many others.

Online broadcast of all events will be available at the official Forum website

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