7-year-old blogger from Russia earned $28 million KXan 36 Daily News

A 7-year-old girl from Russia entered the top ten highest paid bloggers in the world. She has earned $28 million through her YouTube channel. Forbes.

According to the publication, a native of Krasnodar, Anastasia Radzinskaya, who now lives with her parents abroad, has already attracted 87.5 million subscribers to the Like Nastya channel, where she chronicles her own life.

“Best Hits of 2021: Halloween cupcake decorating video and how to spend time with your best friends, Evelyn and Adrian,” writes Forbes.

As a result, Nastya took the sixth place in the ranking of the highest paid bloggers in the world, having earned $ 28 million in 2021.

Topping the list with $54 million is James Donaldson with his channel MrBeast, where he demonstrates various dangerous stunts.

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