A classmate of a young man suspected of preparing a terrorist attack spoke about his behavior

The young man, who wished to remain anonymous, told Zvezda about the behavior of his classmate, who was detained on suspicion of preparing an attack on a school in Moscow. According to the young man, the suspect has repeatedly demonstrated aggressive behavior and brought knives into the school.

“This is how he behaved throughout high school. This is not the first time he came to school with a knife. The police have already been summoned about this, but they have not registered him. My classmate fought several times, sent obscene photos to everyone, even teachers. Once he wanted to attract the attention of a classmate, but when nothing came of it, he came to school with a kitchen knife. This went on for three years – thank God he did not kill anyone, ”said a classmate.

In his opinion, the suspected young man was asocial, showed psychopathic inclinations. He had almost no friends and hobbies. The suspect studied poorly, but finished 11 classes. After school, according to a classmate, he went to college as a carpenter.

“During these three years, the students either avoided him or joked awkwardly. I believe that he was tired of it and he decided to “negotiate”, “- said a classmate.

He also noted that the family of the detainee made a favorable impression. The young man has an older brother, who also did not differ in aggressive behavior.

Earlier, information was received about the detention of an 18-year-old teenager who planned to commit a terrorist attack in a Moscow school. During the arrest, they found a pneumatic pistol, gas cylinders and knives in his possession.

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