A drunk client with a Kalashnikov assault rifle was detained at the post office in Krasnoyarsk

An armed man was detained in one of the post offices on the left bank of Krasnoyarsk. Law enforcement officers took him to the police, reported in the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Information about a man with a submachine gun, walking around the post office on Alekseev Street, arrived at the duty station the night before. Soon, an investigative-operational group of police and soldiers of the Russian Guard arrived at the scene.

As it turned out, a drunk citizen born in 1984 had a fight at the post office with one of the visitors and took out the weapon he had brought with him. According to law enforcement officers, this is a hollowed-out Kalashnikov assault rifle, not suitable for shooting. One of the visitors managed to knock the armed man to the floor and hold him until the security forces appeared.

Investigators are checking, clarifying the reasons and circumstances of the emergency.

Police released eyewitness footage at the scene.

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