A paragon of virtue? The French left has a problem with violence against the English

Due to domestic violence, one of the prominent members of the La France in Insoumise (LFI) party resigned on Sunday, and the leader of the French extreme left, Adrien Quatennens, who was talked about as the fifth scientist of left-wing radicals, resigned.

At the beginning of the week, he was followed by Julien Bayou, chairman of the French Greens and a member of the National Assembly, who at the time was considering a presidential candidacy.

According to the French media, both incidents illustrate the ambiguity of the left-wing parties, which, in line with the worldwide MeToo movement, are trying to set an example in the issue of domestic violence and violence against women, but they themselves are far from an ideal model.

In the case of parties supporting the feminist program, let’s assume that they will not stop short and protect them, for example, in the left-wing paper Libration, under which over five hundred activists and feminists signed up.

Nothing happened at first

Zelen suspended his 44-year-old chairman from his position due to accusations of psychological violence against his former partner. The internal survey was carried out by both parties.

We are a feminist party, and therefore we advocate for women and the first woman. The only way to show that we mean it and don’t bleed anything is to be completely out of office. It is a joint decision of the party, Zelench Secretary Sandra Regolov told Franceinfo.

Although this is a great gesture from Zelench’s point of view, it was not enough for him. Convictions arose around Bayou’s farms, and the Greens only confronted them after the Regolovs were asked about this incident by a television station on Monday.

Subsequently, a wave of criticism started on the Internet, for the party did not act hypocritically. It is extremely disturbing that they are domestically abused in this way, said Mayor Lisabeth Bornov in relation to both cases.

Mlenchon: It’s a campa

Adrien Quatennens, who profiled himself as one of the five scientists of the radical leftist group Unsubscribed France (LFI), died due to accusations that he had physically assaulted his mistress. She filed a criminal complaint against him for domestic violence.

Adrien Quatennens supports LFI president Mlenchon during the campaigns before the parliamentary elections (28 August 2022)

In his first reaction, LFI president Jean-Luc Mlenchon defended his 32-year-old protégé. Police brutality, media voyeurism and social media were involved in the conflictual divorce of Adrien and Cline Quatennens. Adrien decided to take it upon himself. I pay tribute to his dignity and courage. I express my courtesy and affection to him, wrote Mlenchon on Twitter.

Only after the late criticism did Mlenchon add that hitting a woman is inadmissible under any circumstances.

The problem is also in Macron’s party

Violent scandals are not avoided by other parties, including the Renewal government of President Emmanuel Macron. One of his ministers, Damien Abad, resigned from his post after only a month in office in the government due to accusations of attempted rape.

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