A robotic dog will come out to fight unauthorized people – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

An unusual inspector of the State Inspectorate for Real Estate will soon appear on the central Moscow streets – this is not a man, but a robotic dog. A high-tech device on four legs perfectly orients itself in space using a GPS module, measures the distance to nearby objects and their sizes, can jump steps and overcome other obstacles. But the main thing is that it can find arbitrary actions and other violations when using urban land.

infographics “RG” / Anton Perepletchikov / Alexander Meleshenko

Let me remind you that robotic dogs have been foreshadowed by a great future for several years now. They are used in industry, for rescue operations, movement of goods and other purposes. Outwardly, the robot really looks like a dog, and not only in appearance, but also in the manner of movement. He has four legs and a head with a built-in camera and all kinds of sensors. They also painted a smile on the face of the robotic dog to give it a friendly look.

“The smart assistant is characterized by excellent learning ability, versatility, high productivity and maneuverability,” says Vladislav Ovchinsky, head of the Moscow State Inspectorate for Real Estate. in real urban conditions. The first test outputs are supposed to be in the Central Administrative District. “

The robodog is also equipped with a lidar – a light radar that allows you to measure distances and form an accurate three-dimensional map around itself. The technology will help inspectors measure real estate objects and look for violations.

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