A teacher from the National University of Colombia is accused of sexual abuse


The Colombian Attorney General’s Office charged this Friday the sociologist and professor at the National University Fabián Sanabria Sánchez for allegedly sexually abusing in 2013 in his apartment a young man whom he had summoned offering him a job offer.

The Prosecutor’s Office presented Sanabria before a judge of guarantees, accused of a crime of aggravated violent carnal access after the complaint filed on July 23, 2020 by the Feminist Commission on Gender Affairs of the Department of Anthropology of the National University, the largest university public of the country.

In it they give an account of different complaints from some teachers linked to said training institution, including Gerardo Ardila, Virgilio Becerra and Augusto Gómez.

The complaint caused the creation of a working group within the Sexual Crimes Unit of the Sectional Directorate of Prosecutors of Bogotá in charge of studying and analyzing “thoroughly” each of the cases.

According to the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office, on September 23, 2013, the teacher summoned a young man to his apartment in Bogotá who came with the intention of handing in his resume to get a job.

During said meeting, according to the conclusions of the analysis, Sanabria would have offered the 25-year-old young man a dark drink that made him dizzy, after which the professor would have kissed him and, although the visitor tried to escape and resist, he allegedly used the violence to subdue him and sexually abuse him.

Sanabria, former candidate for rector of the National University and under scrutiny after various accusations of sexual abuse by various students, rejected the crime that has been charged to him, as confirmed by the Prosecutor’s Office in a statement.

His case came to light at the end of 2020 at the same time as several other accusations against university teachers and professors in Colombia, such as that of the prestigious chronicler Alberto Salcedo Ramos, whom two journalists accused of sexual harassment.

After the denunciation of the case of Salcedo Ramos, in a kind of Colombian #MeToo, a report was made public that collected testimonies from at least 31 students who pointed out to several teachers in the country of inappropriate behavior ranging from touching to academic and labor retaliation if they did not agree to sexual favors.

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