A test has been created to determine how well a person has lived their life

With the help of the questionnaire of psychologists from the University of Zurich, a person can independently determine the full value of his life or its certain stage. There are no analogues to the work yet.

Study published by in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. In the test, three sources of fulfillment (self, life, and legacy) intersect with three criteria of fulfillment (integrity, conformity, value). Their combination gives nine estimates of the life lived.

– Our understanding of fulfilling life includes both cognitive and affective aspects. Our model of fulfillment in life implies that people can develop and reach their full potential; become whole and complete, feel true to yourself, and lead a real life. In addition, it includes a sense of the significance of one’s existence and the ability to leave a unique mark on the world and contribute to the well-being of others, – is talking researcher Doris Baumann.

It is noted that the assessment of fulfillment is a new direction of psychology, the tools of which are just being developed. The relevance of the concept of self-realization has been confirmed, but it is neglected in psychological research. At the same time, people have a need to take stock of the stages of their lives in order to set new goals and priorities.

According to the researchers, the assessment of life as a full one speaks of a person’s mental well-being. So, those who have lived their lives well have an easier time regarding aging.

Scientists have found that caring for others is an important part of a fulfilling life. Satisfaction with one’s path is influenced by meaningful activities, tasks in which a person immerses himself headlong, achieving goals, as well as the perception of his work as a vocation.

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