Abrams tank escaped from the evacuator was filmed – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The Abrams battle tank, which was broken by the American base, “escaped” from the armored repair tow truck M88A2 Hercules, which was trying to pull it.

This happened at one of the training grounds of the Fort Hood base (Texas) in early 2019, then a heavy ARV was sent to the disabled M1A1 to help. She picked up a tank weighing more than sixty tons. However, while moving from a small slope, the combat vehicle fell off the towing devices and, slightly hitting the “eighty-eighth”, under the surprised exclamations of the tankers watching the process, rolled into the forest plantations.

As a result of the incident, no one was injured, and, most likely, this rescue operation ended successfully.

During the discussion of the demonstrated frames on social networks, it was noted that in order to avoid such an incident, it was necessary to attract another tow truck, which would be behind and hold the tank with cables. Probably, then the process would take longer, but it would definitely be possible to avoid an unfavorable development of the situation.

If the Abrams tanks are one of the most advertised foreign vehicles, then the M88A2 Hercules is not so well known.

They became the development of ARVs, which appeared at the very beginning of the 60s and originally had 750 hp gasoline engines.

Then they were modernized, as a result, a 1050-horsepower diesel engine was already installed on the latest production version. But even with it, the 63-ton Hercules only accelerates to 42 km / h.

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