Academician Alexander Ilyushchenko became the scientist of the year in Belarus – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

For the development of technologies and equipment for the production of new composite materials, the creation of automated innovative production of industrial emulsion explosives, the title of “Academic Year of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus – 2021” was awarded to Academician Alexander Ilyushchenko, the press service of the Academy of Sciences informs.

The decision of the NAS Presidium notes the scientist’s practical participation in “the development of high-tech products for the aerospace and defense industry, damaging powder elements, powder parts and special items, ensuring large supplies of export scientific and technical products.”

The main direction of the scientific activity of Alexander Ilyushchenko, specifies BelTA, which has been heading the Institute of Powder Metallurgy named after Academician Roman for fifteen years, is associated with the development of high-energy materials, theoretical foundations and processes for their production, which served as the basis for the creation of technologies and equipment for their implementation.

Under the leadership of the scientist – the author of 1,085 scientific papers – new production of powder coatings, structural products from metal, cermet and ceramic powders, carbon-carbon composite materials, metallurgical 3D-printing materials, and ammunition disposal were organized.

The academician’s merits were widely recognized in Belarus and abroad. His applied developments are protected by 17 copyright certificates and 177 patents. The scientist maintains ties with leading research centers in a number of countries and international organizations, being a full member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences.

The competition “Scientist of the Year of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, the agency explains, was established four years ago. Its goal is to identify and encourage the most effective scientists from among academicians and corresponding members, as well as highly qualified scientists working in the competitive year.

This high title has already been awarded to Corresponding Member Emilia Kolomiets, in 2018 – Academician Nikolai Kazak, in 2019 – Corresponding Member Alexander Kovalenya, and in 2020 – Academician Vladimir Agabekov.

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