According to Phil Spencer, the fault that there are few Xbox Series S / X is not the supply, it is the high demand

According to Xbox Director Phil Spencer, the fact that both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 are still difficult to come by is not due to a lack of supply, but to the high demand that there is for these consoles. Yes, something totally nonsensical.

Since the launch of next-gen consoles in late 2020, consumers have a hard time getting their hands on them, and according to Spencer, though the global pandemic has largely disrupted supply chains for both PS5 and Xbox Series X , the supply is more than good and the problem is that there are too many users who want a console.

Here’s what Spencer had to say in a recent interview about the gaming industry with The New York Times:

“When you think about trying to get an Xbox or a new PlayStation on the market right now, they are really hard to find. And it’s not because the offer is smaller than before. Actually, the offer is bigger than ever. It is that the demand is exceeding the supply for all of us “

Then, to put in magnitude the amount of offer that Microsoft launched to the market, revealed that “At this point, we have sold more of this generation of Xbox, the Xbox Series X and S, than any previous version of Xbox”, making it clear that there were a lot of consoles sold, contrary to popular belief.

Still, Spencer acknowledged that chip shortages have also become an everyday issue for the Xbox Series X / S team and that “it is our job to bring the supply of products to satisfy that demand ”. Another key point is to solve the logistics so that the devices reach consumers, which is a job that demands permanent attention. A good part of the energy is put into solving increasingly recurring problems, such as reselling at high prices.

Microsoft hasn’t shared sales figures for quite some time, but in October this year it was reported that more than 8 million Xbox Series X / S consoles have been sold since their launch.

What do you think about these statements by Phil Spencer? Do you think they make any sense?

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