Adam’s drastic drop before the battle with Nathan: He hasn’t had a drink in 30 hours, but he functions differently

it happens that the first battle for MMA wrestlers is the day before the official fight, when he must meet the agreed limit. A concussion is a real gamble with health, and few can imagine the hell the fighters will go through at that moment. However, Survivor member Adam Raiter tried it on himself, who did not drink for tens of hours before his well-watched match with rival Nathan Dzaba. My eyes work differently, it’s on me, Agta Hanychov’s ex-boyfriend let himself be heard, during which they checked the experienced friction.

One of the highlights of Saturday’s tournament organized by Oktagon MMA was the rescue of two professional celebrities: Adam Raiter and Nathan Dzaba. The two met on the reality show Survivor, where things sparkled between them.

Before the match, they initially said that Raiter did not get used to it much during the various preparations, and that is why the former football player Nathan was the favorite. Adam, who dated model Agta Hanychová for a while in the past, showed the heart of a fighter in the cage.

You could see from the arrest that he was determined to get bigger, and he poured his juice with hard holes. After a few minutes, Nathan couldn’t even manage to defend himself on the ground and ended the decision in favor of Adam Raiter.

The Oktagon MMA organization in the latest episode of the series Who sings she showed the day before the official outing. The first Raiter described in detail here a very early drop-off, which gave him a lot of work. The day before the fight, he had to fit in at 84 kilograms, which he eventually managed with great skill.

I’m shaking, but I’m crazy, my joints hurt, I’ve never been so drained. Oi, work differently for me, it’s up to you, asked Raiter, who was watched the whole time by the sleepy fitness trainer Martin Svoboda, who, by the way, was behind Hana Malkov’s great success in the recent bodybuilding competition.

Adam hasn’t had a drink in ten hours.

I haven’t had a drink in ten hours. Night and all day, said Adam, who, unlike this Nathan, had to drop things from his original weight to save himself. Bn Raiter in a 90 kilogram dog.

Adam Raiter described nron shazovn.

Octagon co-owner Pavol Neruda appreciated how Adam lost weight. I thought he would suffer and sit like a wreck, but great, he surprised me, said the teacher, to whom Adam must have given joy with his performance in the cage.

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