After 30 years since its release, Germans can still buy Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein 3D
| photo: id Software

After the summer drought, the main season is slowly approaching and publishers will compete for a handful of foam. In Germany, the 30-year-old star Wolfenstein 3D will also fight for attention with the novelties.

Because of the displayed swastikas, the game could not be sold in Germany for a long time.

This legendary shrew (see n retro line) toti and has now received a rating from the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle rating agency, without which video games cannot be sold in Germany. The reason she didn’t get it for a long time was because of the laws regarding the depiction of Nazi symbols.

It was recently ordered to go there for other than purely documentary needs. The Czech studio Charles Games knows about it. Their game Attentat 1942 won a number of professional awards, but due to its realistic processing, it could not be officially sold in Germany for more than a year (see n line).

In the later parts of Wolfenstein, the creators did this by replacing all the hair with neutral hair, and even took away Hitler’s mustache (see n line), only the first one from 1992 was about as old as the real one, so it wouldn’t even be worth cutting them.

In this problematic area, the rule of the furnace has only been relaxed, so now Germans can buy the legendary stele in stores such as Steam or GOG. Including the Spear of Destiny data disc.

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