After Spring, Tauber goes to an apartment near Kladno with a beekeeper and dreams of owning his own house

Jary and Aneka moved into their new home last year. The apartment is in the attic of a house that has been renovated, so it suits the young man’s needs. There is a kitchen connected to the dining room and living room, a laundry room, a study, and of course a bathroom with a toilet. The interior is stylish and modern, dominated by white color and neutral colors.

We used to live in the center of the city, but we disappeared from there because it’s better here on the outskirts. When the birdie and I moved in, there was only a kitchen, we shared the rest of the equipment ourselves, Jary revealed.

He and the beekeeper have more or less the same taste, and therefore it was not a problem for him to choose the surplus and accessories. You have good relations with your neighbors, so they will be very happy with your new apartment. The owner of the home has fun and the order depends on the requests for housing, he said according to the request and added that when he is satisfied with the apartment, he still does not rule out sharing his own house in the future.

Living room, kitchen and dining room are connected together, so you have the largest room in the apartment. It is furnished mainly in white colors and the most striking decoration is the meat fireplace, which looks especially nice during the night. Because the young man’s house is in the attic, we find slanted ceilings and beams, which occupy other interiors, but this also has practical limits.

On the floor, there is a floor mat made of beef, which insulates the floor. We can also find a place to rest on the spacious interior window sill, where the chairs guarantee comfort and the place offers a pleasant relaxation, you with a flower pot in hand.

Your fifth partner, because I must not forget to eat healthy food. When I cook something, it’s mostly meat and tuna dishes, which, given that we try to play sports and stay in shape, we only eat a couple of times. Our hobby is going to restaurants, so at home we usually only prepare meals, but on the other hand, we also enjoy cakes and desserts, revealed the musician, who placed a bookcase behind the dining table with chairs to separate the space from the front door to the study.

Lonice is furnished simply and modern, because Jary and Aneka wanted the space to have an airy feel. There is a manel bed and the walls are decorated with photographs of pru.


A place for shit

The self-rented apartment has a study where Jary collects bread and plays the guitar. My favorite thing to do is to sit in a bloern goatskin bag, which offers not only comfort, but also a certain amount of originality, no two goats are the same.

In the study, I just painted and screwed the shelves. There are photos hanging on the walls, for example from the joint American tour with Petr Janda. But there is also a new CD called Tolikrt.

The album is mainly about life, in the lyrics I tried to write things that people, especially at my age, were confused about. There’s a concert every week from June until, thank God. I’m glad that it’s all starting again, because I started my word career at the same time that covid started. I would like to release the album in five years, because the idea is that it will be more than enough. I compose music for Karolna Gudasov√° Neuvirthov√° and her project Karol a Kvdo, her music is composed by a child, said Jary.

He revealed that he will soon have a music video for the song “For once”, which is on the new album and which is one of the most popular among listeners. A number of televisions will also appear in it.

The musician here likes playing tennis tournaments in his childhood, and today he often plays with friends and colleagues, such as Petr Janda or Leona Machlkov. His next hobby is the western one, so at home you must not miss shoes known as horseshoes and, of course, a Stetson.

Behind the house there is a sitting area for two equipped with a grill and an improvised kitchen. The place can therefore serve perfectly as a meeting place with friends and family, even during children’s days. A musician here with a bird, especially during warm summers, the order lasts as long as I can grill and cook a tasty meal. There were deer running behind the house, Jara pointed out with a laugh, but on the outskirts of the city it was as if you were in the countryside.

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