An-124 “Ruslan” joined the transfer of peacekeepers from Kazakhstan

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the first two heavy military transport aircraft An-124 “Ruslan” of the Russian Aerospace Forces were delivered from Kazakhstan to the Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow, our servicemen from the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the CSTO. Their weapons, military equipment and property were also on the sides. “At the end of the solemn rally, the personnel will march to the point of permanent deployment,” the department informed.

Earlier, they said that on January 15, the transfer of equipment and peacekeepers from Kazakhstan to Russia would continue. A dozen and a half Il-76 and three An-124 aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces are involved in this operation. They will land at airfields in the Ivanovo and Moscow regions.

Since the beginning of the withdrawal of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces of the CSTO, Russian military transport aircraft have already delivered the military contingents of Armenia, Belarus and Tajikistan from Kazakhstan to the points of permanent deployment. And the unit of peacekeepers of Kyrgyzstan returned home, having made a march on standard equipment.

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