Anfisa Reztsova spoke about her daughter’s 20th place in the sprint at the KM stage in Ruhpolding

Three-time Olympic champion Anfisa Reztsova reacted to the result of her daughter Christina in the sprint race at the sixth stage of the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding, Germany.

“In the sprint, two misses are a lot! At most one mistake should be in the sprint, I set this task to her. On the counter, she lost her rhythm. I started shooting so well and lost my rhythm, began to aim. What for? Nobody needs these blunders “, – quotes Reztsova Sr. “Sport-Express”

At the same time, she believes that there is still enough time before the Olympic Games. According to the famous athlete, nothing worries her yet.

“Christina is an optimist, she knows why she missed. The weather was perfect today. We are not sad, there is still time. With her psychology, everything is fine. She is a level-headed athlete. But if two misses do not allow for the prizes, ”added Anfisa Reztsova.

Previously reportedthat Elvira Oeberg of Sweden won gold in the sprint at KM in Ruhpolding.

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