Cook, driver and promoter: the highest paid part-time jobs in Russia are named

The rating of profitable professions for part-time employment was one of the largest job search services. The top includes a chef, a delivery driver and a promoter.

By data portal HeadHunter, in April, employers posted more than 81 thousand offers for part-time employment. Ten thousand of them are weekend work, more than 32 thousand are part-time jobs, about two thousand are one-time tasks. At the same time, the average salary in such positions amounted to 33.8 thousand rubles.

One of the highest paid vacancies was the outbound tourism manager. A company from Irkutsk is ready to pay a candidate from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles before taxes.

150 thousand in hand are offered to the cook of a children’s camp in Altai. His responsibilities will include compiling the menu, ordering products, as well as cooking for 35 people throughout the season – from June 5 to August 26.

In turn, in the capital’s restaurant, the chef will be able to earn the same 150 thousand rubles. He is expected to take a conceptual approach to updating the dessert menu.

Waiters in Moscow and St. Petersburg can count on a slightly lower salary of 120 thousand rubles per hand. If the waiter takes on the functions of a bartender, then salaries reach up to 200 thousand rubles, but this is only if the specialist not only serves guests, but also prepares the hall for opening and closing.

90 thousand are offered in St. Petersburg to the promoter of the bar club. The candidate does not require work experience, they will teach the necessary skills at the workplace. An assistant bartender at the counter in St. Petersburg receives up to 100 thousand rubles.

Good salaries are also offered to delivery drivers in the capital. The bet starts from 110 thousand rubles per hand. But for this work, you need to have your own car and part of the money from the salary will go to car maintenance.

Not less than the salary in the regions. In Pskov, a part-time job as a hotel manager is available with a salary of 60 to 180 thousand rubles. It is assumed that a person will work on a schedule of two weeks – work, two weeks – rest. The company offers a future employee a full social package.

No less interesting survey results recently published network edition “Teacher’s newspaper”. According to a study conducted by the service, due to the unstable situation on the labor market, many Russians are ready to master working professions. Thus, out of almost 2,000 Russians who participated in the survey, 44% are ready to leave the intellectual profession in the office and retrain in a working specialty. But they will do this only in case of an unforeseen situation. We are talking about layoffs or layoffs.

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