OSAGO for electric scooters

The Federation Council made a proposal to introduce compulsory civil liability insurance for owners of electric scooters and scooters.

The development of the issue will be dealt with in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. how report RIA Novosti plans to introduce a new term – a means of individual mobility “SIM”. So departments propose to call any vehicle “having one or more wheels (rollers), designed for individual movement of a person through the use of an engine (engines)”.

According to the department, accident statistics indicate that SIM can pose a serious danger both to pedestrians and to the drivers of electric scooters and scooters themselves. They are not equipped with effective security systems, but at the same time they develop high speed.

Thus, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 672 accidents involving electric scooters and similar vehicles were registered last year. This is almost 68% higher than the previous year. In these accidents, 20 people died, the increase in mortality was 185%. And 704 people were injured, including 133 children under the age of 16.

It is also expected that SIM owners will be limited in their speed of movement. They will be able to enter the road only if there are no sidewalks nearby and there are signs limiting the speed of cars to 60 km per hour. In addition, there will be a division into vehicles used for personal and commercial purposes.

In turn, the Ministry of Education, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Transport, plans to teach children and adolescents safe behavior on the roads, including so that they can safely drive electric scooters and scooters.

As before reported the online publication Uchitelskaya Gazeta, the Ministry of Transport proposed limiting the speed of advancement for SIM to 25 kilometers per hour. Electric scooters, segways and unicycles, weighing no more than 35 kilograms, will ride on the right side of the road, provided that brakes, lights, a sound signal and reflectors are installed on the scooters.


Message OSAGO for electric scooters first appeared on Teacher’s newspaper.

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