Ticks went hunting: how to behave with an insect bite – doctor’s advice

During periods of the greatest activity of ticks, which are carriers of various, including deadly infections, you should listen to the doctor’s recommendations. The main advice is to get rid of the insect in any way and as soon as possible.

Ticks have long ceased to be forest dwellers, they feel great in city squares and parks, in surrounding groves and summer cottages. Almost every Russian is a potential “prey” of a small, but far from harmless creature, the bite of which can bring a lot of health problems to a person.

According to the leading employee of the Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations named after M.P. Chumakov RAS Oksana Belova, when a tick bites, it is necessary, first of all, to get rid of the insect. And do it as quickly as possible, in any way possible, even with your hands or nails, reports.

It is important to prevent the carrier of the pathogen from infecting the body through the blood. The expert authoritatively states that a bacterial infection is transmitted from a tick only after 18-20 hours after a bite. All this time, the bloodsucker nourishes its womb, turning into a round monster, which will be difficult to remove from the body without the help of a specialist.

Therefore, you should not waste time on the road to the emergency room, but you need to urgently help yourself until the tick has drunk blood and swelled up. Oksana Belova calls to do this procedure without any scrolling of insects in different directions and other tricks. Just take – and pull out the tick. Even if a splinter remains in the wound, it will come out on its own. The wound itself must be treated with an antiseptic.

Earlier, the network edition “Teacher’s Newspaper” said, how to defend yourself from tick bites. Well keep children safe before a walk in the park or forest. Already in the first days of April in the Moscow region, Penza, Krasnoyarsk, 7 cases tick bites on children.

Message Ticks went hunting: how to behave with an insect bite – doctor’s advice first appeared on Teacher’s newspaper.

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