Apple began to enforce the law “on landing” KXan 36 Daily News

Apple began to comply with the requirements of the law on “landing” and registered a personal account on the Roskomnadzor website.

Information about registering an Apple personal account appeared in a special section on the website of Roskomnadzor, which indicates which of the requirements were met by foreign IT giants that fall under the requirements of the “landing” law.

Roskomnadzor and the Russian office of Apple could not comment on the company’s further actions.

In accordance with the requirements of the law “on landing”, which entered into force on January 1, 2022, foreign IT companies with a daily audience exceeding 500,000 Russian-speaking users must open an official representative office in Russia, register a personal account on the Roskomnadzor website to exchange data with the department , place on your website a counter approved by the regulator, and create a feedback form for Russian-speaking users.

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