are you normal Soukup drove to Agta. The TV magnate spilled over Veronica Ilkov

In another reality show according to the stars, Agta showed Jarom Soukup Agta Hanychov, how many m beats. When asked if she thought Soukup was demented, she replied that she wouldn’t tell him even if she did. But she also drank on Veronika Ilkova. She first drank her favorite breakup sentence from her daughter.

When Agty once asked about Jakub Prachae, the model said she didn’t know him, she made it clear to the newspaper what she thought of her ex-partner and how she viewed him. Ilkov had to use the same tactics for questions about Stopnicky, which were obviously not very pleasant to her.

I always said that about Pracha and my mom said it was embarrassing, so I’m glad she used it, Agta laughs.

Ilkov had to respond to a question from one of the news outlets about how his communication with Stropnicki turned out with a disarming question: And who is that?

To that, Soukup asked how Jakub Pracha himself perceived him. He met Mirek Dopita, they celebrated Krypna’s birthday together. However, if they were to make a mistake with Jakub, it doesn’t look like much.

I think Pracha doesn’t care about you or my mom, Agta asked him.

Soukup does not tolerate much.

Some spectators noticed that Soukup was a little vulgar and started to fight Agta herself, who behaved very poorly in the process, while Soukup stuck out her hands.

I had a lot of fun! Just so you don’t get really mad about the pouchach ride, one of the girls said to the moderator.

For the last two episodes, I wonder if the suffocation between them is a move that works for Vt viewership. Lb is afraid of it and pokes himself. But here, if it’s in any debt, it’s worth it, they wrote dal

Agta Jaromr Soukup

Jaromr decidedly didn’t lie, he didn’t like Agta revealing the details of their intimacy not only to her best friend, but also to her mother.

are you normal He didn’t like Soukup enough to fly over there. And Agta did not change his attitude either, as she assured him that he definitely had nothing to be ashamed of.

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