At Moscow State University, those who refused to be vaccinated against COVID were suspended from working with students – RBC

Employees of Moscow State University who refused to vaccinate were suspended from working with students, said the rector of this educational institution, Viktor Sadovnichy, within the framework of the Moscow State University expert platform “Dialogue about the Present and the Future”. TASS

According to Sadovnichy, out of 20 thousand university employees, 800 people refused vaccination, approximately 4-4.5%. As the rector of Moscow State University said, he issued an order according to which these people were removed from contacts with students.

“We know who has contraindications, we know who was vaccinated, revaccinated, we know who is simply an ideological opponent. I issued an order asking such people to be removed from contacts with students. For the first time. And then we will think, “Sadovnichy said.

He added that the situation is worst of all in three faculties, where there are up to 100 opponents of vaccination, but did not name specific faculties.

How informs Moscow State University, as of November 23, 13,429 university employees were fully vaccinated, and 14,058 were vaccinated with the first component.

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