Autumn music campaign popular with CCC characters

Step into autumn with the new Jenny Fairy collection. Sensual English rhythms don’t leave you alone. Jenny Fairy Records rock our hips and nudity for the latest collection.

CCC - Jenny Fairy

Autumn products signs Jenny Fairy They will literally take you to heaven. Thanks to the endless massive heels and impactful platform, you won’t have to grind on the ground during the day. You can dance the night away in ankle boots or moccasins with mega high heels. With the new Jenny Fairy collection, make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd, opt for shiny ankle boots, robust jeans and attention-grabbing bright red and orange boots that will further emphasize your outfit in the barbiecore style.

CCC - Jenny Fairy

The stylish footwear collection is complemented by accessories – backpacks and handbags, strongly inspired by the trends of the year 2000.

Kampa is set in the y2k style by French photographer Nickolas Lorieux. The world of models Olivia Vinten, Jordan Daniels, Janet Chinaere Jumbo, Vakare Steputyte and one of the symbols of body positive modeling, Paloma Elsesser, who has also appeared in campaigns for brands such as Fendi or Lannvin, is swaying to English notes, and was thus the headline of Vogue magazine.

CCC - Jenny Fairy

The campaign video, which captures models in outfits with a striking 2000 accent, comes from Alvaro Coloma, who has campaigns for brands such as Burberry and Luis Vuitton.

Prepare a high enough shelf in your shoe rack and get at least one ultra-trendy Jenny Fairy shoe this season, which will keep you entertained well into the winter. Enjoying the high life has never been easy.

CCC - Jenny Fairy

Choose your silly piece on CCC e-shop or in brick-and-mortar stores and don’t forget to register to Club CCC and gain access to many other interesting opportunities.

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