“Autumn week of kindness” started in Sapozhkovsky district

“Autumn week of kindness” started in Sapozhkovsky district

The “Autumn Week of Kindness” has begun in Sapozhka. The action, according to the head of the regional volunteer center Marina Timokhina, is part of the “From Heart to Heart” project.

Marina Timokhina:

“Many older people, for health reasons, cannot cope with household chores. We have created a social project “From Heart to Heart” to improve the quality of life of lonely people, the elderly. They need our help, support and attention.”

On September 22, volunteers from the district children’s art house helped Tatyana Lisitsyna, a resident of Stakhanov Street, after school.

Ivan Yunusov, volunteer:

“I have been volunteering for the second year. I like to help people, bring joy and benefit. We see how hard it is for the elderly, lonely residents of our area. And our goal is not to leave without attention those who need help.”

The guys helped the woman with cleaning the flowers in the garden, put things in order in the garden.

Tatyana Nikolaevna:

“Thank you very much to these boys and girls and to the leader Marina Timokhina. This help is very valuable to me.”

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