Bangladesh Plans to Send Fearless to Mars in the Future

Fearless of Bangladesh will go to Mars

Fearless to Mars! Fearless is not the name of a person, it is a drone. The model of which was made by the students of Bangladesh University of Engineering- BUET. BUET’s team has also snatched international recognition by participating in a competition of ‘Mars Society South Asia’ held in India. This time Bangladeshi drones will be able to fly on Mars, which has been occupied by foreign spacecraft for so long.

BUET students have made it fearless. They have built many rovers before. But is it possible to send drones to Mars? The Mars Society recently organized one such event. 30 teams from different countries of the world took part in it. BUET’s team is called Interplanetary. BUET took 8th place in that event. The Khulna University of Engineering is in 9th place and BRAC University is in 18th place.

Interplanetary member Farsia Kawsar Chowdhury said, “If anyone wants to know how drones work or how to make them?” There are lots of resources for him, they can make it. But the problem is that the drone is not for the Earth, it has to be made suitable for Mars outside the Earth, then its engineering design becomes much different. It becomes much more complex.

They wish that if the door of science research had been widened in the country, Bangladesh could have sent Nirvik to Mars. They think that government support is needed for that.

Interplanetary team leader Khandaker Shihabul Haque said, “We don’t just have to build a drone, it has to reach Mars.” For this, such a competition can be organized in our country.

The students of this country have made drones before. However, this is the first time a drone has been sent to Mars. The knowledge to be fearless will be useful in other sectors of the country as well.

Interplanetary member Nafiz Imtiaz said, “Looking at different countries, we see that drones are being made for different sectors.” We also develop drones where wildlife or can be made for agriculture. For this, the government as well as various non-governmental organizations can be its sponsors.

Entrepreneurs want the country to support such small scientists, the country’s technology will move forward along with space research.

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