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“Best Boss”


Let’s start, however, with the most decent – with the Spanish tape about the animal essence of capitalism. In the title role – a wonderful Javier Bardem, who can only admire. Plays Javier, the head of the factory for the production of scales. He inherited the business from his father and has no children himself. The latter, according to the director, are replaced by subordinates. He really takes an active part in the lives of employees, helping to resolve difficult situations and solve personal problems. Only behind the imaginary warmth and sympathy is hidden – well, wow! – a cynic-exploiter, pragmatically weighing (the products that his company produces, fiercely symbolizes all the way) every step and including the captivating ability to empathy only in those cases when it is beneficial. Not stupid, sometimes quite funny, sometimes – a gloomy leftist comedy. Well, Javier Bardem, we recall again.

“Black box”


Another noteworthy film also came from Europe. The French detective thriller by Jan Gozlan with Pierre Nine in the title role really keeps you in suspense for the whole two-plus hours. Mathieu, a young analyst at the Bureau of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation and Analysis, works at Charles de Gaulle Airport. He finds out the circumstances of a nightmarish catastrophe that claimed the lives of three hundred people. At first, Mathieu wrestles through the interference on the flight recorder records, and then, mentally returning to the ground, finds himself at the center of a sinister conspiracy. The closer to the denouement, the darker the world around the desperate truth-seeker becomes, and the film more and more resembles a horror. Some plot tensions that are still present in the “Black Box” are easily forgiven for such a masterful escalation of horror.

“My wolf”


Another guest from France is a typical “little girl plus little animal” family movie. Is that the animal is not the most common. Eight-year-old Victoria, who has lost her mother, moves with her father to a pastoral wilderness, where they struggle to survive the tragedy and build relationships. During a walk, Victoria discovers a cute puppy. Only it’s not a dog, it’s a wolf, a top that someday will grow up and become a big problem. In addition, local farmers, who are worried about their livestock, are determined to arrange a uniform genocide in the vicinity of the wolf tribe. But everything will end well, of course.

“Alone at home”


Not enough of the terrible continuation of the famous Christmas franchise, oh which no one askedhere’s another parasitic film for you, unceremoniously sticking to it. A father and a motherless daughter (yes, here too) are moving into a new house. A suspiciously friendly neighbor invites them on a country trip – a barbecue, meeting other residents of the town and other joys. In an empty – at first glance – the house is visited by two ugly stupid robbers. But they meet an unexpected rebuff from a pack of dogs led by the owner’s dog. The quick-witted beasts are very productive in using the multiple inventions that the girl’s father flooded the house with, trying to distract himself from grief over the loss of his wife. I mean, yes, it’s “Home Alone”, but about dogs (original title – Pups Alone). Incredibly stupid and hacky – with repeated gag about dog intestinal gases and similar idiocy. Watching is strictly prohibited. Unless you suddenly want to see what nonsense Dolph Lundgren and Danny Trejo often do.

“Curse of the Nuns”


Strange underhorror Agnes is clumsy enough on his own, and stupid speculative name this, perhaps, only emphasizes. Unremarkable director and outsider screenwriter Miki Rees seems to have tried to freshen up the long-bored exorcism sub-genre for everyone, as a result of removing something completely incomprehensible. A priest and a novice arrive at the convent to exorcise a demon from Christ’s bride. Then, to their misfortune, a television swindler joins them. And then we should forget about this plot altogether and switch to the life difficulties of a young nun who returned to worldly life. It has some relation to the events of the first part, of course, but bewilderment from this incoherent mess does not go anywhere.

“Star Mind”


Let’s move on to the hardest part – to domestic trash that occupied cinemas. Here, for example, is “our answer” – the next one – to “Alien”. But not only to him. At the same time, the authors tried to shove pieces here from everything in the world – from children’s Soviet fiction to “Interstellar”and for the plot they used actual verminophobia and fashionable stories about the search for a new planet for resettlement. The absurdity of this simple potpourri is enhanced by the fact that “Star Mind” with an almost completely Russian cast was filmed in English for some reason, and then re-voiced (the characters retained their foreign names – Egor Koreshkov, for example, plays a brave astronaut named Steve). A wondrous, in general, spectacle, sometimes reminiscent of enthusiastic amateur performances. Although what else could you expect from the Kinodanz studio (now it timidly hides behind the letters KD)?



Further more. Here, For examplea remake of the Latvian-Ukrainian comedy performed by the author of the original Andrejs Eikis and the Russian serial director Dmitry Fix. A successful businessman (Dmitry Nagiyev) persuades his model wife (Natalya Rudova) to go on a date with another couple. In turn, the pharmacist (Irina Pegova), suffering from a lack of attention from her husband (Ilya Noskov), accepts the offer of a stranger. For some reason, there is also a side story, which has nothing to do with these four, where a dull nerd (Ivan Zlobin), hunted down by a despotic mother (Olesya Sudzilovskaya), discovers a frivolous girl (Daria Rudenok) on his balcony, and she easily seduces him. It’s hard to say what’s worse in this – the quality of the humor, the acting, the single-celled characters, the stupid plot, the moronic twist, or the more than dubious morality.



But even now there is someone to knock from below. On the big screens – a new “film” by the honored thrashmaker Ruslan Baltzer, whose products rarely crossed the four-point mark on “Kinopoisk”. Undoubtedly, such a fate awaits this craft, in which two degenerates are trying to breed even more stupid girls for money. Cast – Nikita Dzhigurda, Mikhail Kozyrev and other outstanding artists. Truly monstrous.

“Three heroes and a horse on the throne”


The new part – what is there already in a row? – a rubber series about heroes – tells how the cheerful horse Julius swapped bodies with the prince of Kiev. And he began active reforms, trying to turn the city into a “Russian Venice”. It turns out, of course, not very good, but it ends up with foreign intervention at all. Not the most unbearable spectacle against the general background – even with modest claims to satire. And with bad songs, of course, this is such a feature.

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