Ben Affleck called Justice League filming worst experience

American actor Ben Affleck, who played Batman in several film adaptations in recent years, spoke about his experience in the film “Justice League” and the reasons why he refused to star in a solo film about Bruce Wayne.

Recall that in 2020 it became known that Affleck decided not to participate in the further development of the DC universe due to alcohol problems… In the movie “Batman” he was supposed to play the main role and act as a director.

– I thought it over and realized – I will not be happy doing this. A person who does something like this should like his job. I probably would have enjoyed doing it at 32 or so. But then there was a moment when I began to realize that it was not worth it, – said the actor in an interview. LA Times

He also added that filming in Justice League were given to him very hard. A tragic coincidence of circumstances is the misfortune in the family of director Zack Snyder (his daughter died in 2017), divorce Affleck and Jennifer Garner and other factors made this work a painful memory for Affleck.

– It was just the worst experience. It was terrible. Everything that I did not like came together there. And the moment came when I said to myself: “I don’t do this anymore.”

After finishing his job as Batman Affleck focused on less flamboyant roles. A leading role in a film about a superhero performed by Robert Pattinson… The film will be released in March 2022.

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