Benefits and payments will be indexed in Russia: Social sphere: Economy:

In Russia, from February 1, maternity capital, payments to veterans, maternity benefits and a number of other benefits will be indexed by 8.4 percent. This was reported in Ministry of Labortransfers RIA News

Payments not related to the size of the subsistence minimum will be increased in accordance with the size of inflation. For example, the mother capital for the first child will be 524.5 thousand rubles.

Among other benefits: payments to veterans for pregnancy and childbirth and childcare for up to 1.5 years for unemployed citizens, a lump sum for the birth of a child, compensation for citizens exposed to radioactive effects. Also, the department pointed to “other measures of social support.” In total, these payments are received by about 16 million people. The finances required for indexation are included in the budget, summarized in the Ministry of Labor.

Formerly President of Russia Vladimir Putin offered to index pensions are higher than the inflation rate – by 8.6 percent. According to him, the decisions made earlier are insufficient and do not allow covering the costs of pensioners caused by the rise in prices.

In December, Putin also pledged that decisions on pensions to the security forces would be made in 2022 to equalize workers’ incomes. law enforcement and law enforcement agencies in general.

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