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The Berlin Film Festival directors on Wednesday sent out a message to accredited journalists about the new concept, just adopted in the light of the pandemic still raging in the world, as well as the latest decisions of the Federal Government and the Senate of the city of Berlin. The goal of the new developments is to enable the festival “to resolutely carry the flag of culture even in times of pandemic. The health and safety of spectators at all events and strict adherence to current hygiene rules remains the top priority.”

The festival will be held taking into account the requirements of 2G-plus, which provide additional requirements for wearing medical masks and testing. It will start on February 10 with a grand opening at the Berlinale Palace. In the following days, until February 16, the creative teams of the films will personally present their films to the public and the press at the premieres in the cinema halls of the Berlinale. Press conferences and photo sessions for selected films will be held. On February 15, the ceremony of presenting the honorary Golden Bear for the contribution to the cinema to actress Isabelle Huppert will take place.

On the evening of February 16, the ceremony of presenting the festival awards – Silver and Golden Bears will take place. From 17 to 20 February, the films will be re-shown to the public in the cinema halls of the Berlinale.

In addition to such a noticeable reduction in the competitive part of the festival, the new concept provides for a reduction in the occupancy rate of cinema halls by up to 50 percent. The red carpet in the presence of the press has not been canceled, but the number of film crews passing along it will be kept to a minimum. All buffets and receptions will be canceled. According to the artistic directors of the Berlinale, Mariette Rissenbeck and Carlo Shatrian, “we are aware of the challenges posed by the unpredictable development of the pandemic. viewers and filmmakers of the world. According to the new concept, the main attention will be paid to films, rather than traditional festive elements of the festival, in order to provide an opportunity to watch movies, while minimizing the number of personal contacts. “

All events of the European Film Market, Berlinale Talents and World Cinema Fund are transferred online and will take place on the Internet from 10 to 17 February. The decision “was extremely difficult,” says Film Market Director Dennis Roux. “The sales industry’s urgent need for face-to-face meetings was reflected in the successful bookings of exhibition space and the number of accreditations received. efficiency last year. “

Thus, instead of the usual stands of the market, industry employees will be offered presentations of films and projects at virtual stands. You can take part in the work of the market without even leaving your countries. The European Film Market will announce the details of its program in the coming days.

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