Biathlete Gabriela Soukalov went missing in the Alps

Gabriela Soukalov is on vacation in Italy with her partner Milo Kadebek. In the afternoon of Wednesday the 21st, she set off on her bicycle to fly to Lake Cancano, but did not arrive there. A former biathlete champion got lost at about 2,400 meters above sea level and her cell phone died.

The rescuers searched for her all night without sleep. The two-time biathlon world champion and Olympic medalist was found around noon on Thursday when tourists near Lake Livigno heard a click.

Gabriela Soukalov was not far from the given town at about 2270 meters above sea level. According to the fire department and alpine rescue services, she was frozen, but in a horse shoe. They rushed her to the hospital by helicopter.

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And you would never fly without it?


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According to CNN Prima News, Gabriela Soukalov is in trouble. Zuzana Brzkov, editor of the social column, told Bleska that it’s not like the moderator got lost and didn’t know where to go.

Brzkov, who spoke with Soukalov’s partner Milo Kadebek, explained that her journey was hampered by the morning’s rain, because of which she could not continue on the full route. Thanks to being well equipped and great physics, she eventually passed away. It’s just great and built into what I’ve been through.

Before the incident, the moderator on the social network was describing to the followers how she saw the Italian Alps. Today we made the entrance to 2800 meters above sea level relatively quickly, in about an hour and seventeen minutes. Have fun with the girls as easily as possible. I took a t-shirt, a bra and a blouse. And my friend has mugs with him and he drinks his medicine. That um t, she said in a video on Instagram.

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