Biden Moves Oil By $ 1, Finance Ministry Risks To Rusnano. The main thing for the day – RBK

The United States will print the oil jar, the Ministry of Finance responded to the problems of Rusnano, India and Kalashnikov agreed on a deal worth more than half a billion – the main news in the RBC review

Biden decided to “print” the US strategic oil reserve

President Joe Biden announcedthat the Ministry of Energy will use the strategic oil reserve and release 50 million barrels from it. fuel in order to achieve a decrease in quotations and adjust the balance between supply and demand in the market. At the same time, this will be the response of OPEC +, which is trying to support oil prices with production restrictions.

  • China, India, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom will take similar steps, according to the White House. Washington pointed out that in recent weeks, amid reports of a possible “printout” of strategic oil reserves, oil prices fell by almost 10%.
  • Official representatives of OPEC +, which includes Russia, said that they are preparing a response to the “listing” of oil reserves by the largest consumer countries. Analysts, however, believe that a new round of conflict between the United States and the OPEC + countries will not have a significant impact on the oil market: the volumes are too small, and the demand for oil continues to grow due to the recovery of the world economy. it confirms and the market reaction: the price of a barrel of Brent today not only has not decreased, but even increased by $ 1.

Biden decided to “print” strategic oil reserves

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