Black Desert Online has a spike of new players after the 2021 reboot

After reboot released in late December, the Korean developer Pearl abyss he was quite enthusiastic about the influx of new players he has received Black desert online in the last 2 months.

The number of daily Black Desert Online players increased by more than 230% across all platforms in both North America and Europe, while it increased by 165% in the rest of the world. This makes it clear that there are many interested in trying the reboot of the classes and the multiple content updates that the game received, along with the possibility of accessing new servers.

What is it that changed?

In December 2021, 17 of the 23 classes available at BDO They were changed and given a major wash in the face of their skill tree, stats in general and this had a special impact on the damage and survival of various classes.

Also, they added new options to the customization of avatars, including costumes and new paid content (skins). In addition, appearance customization features were added for each of the classes, having several changes at the aesthetic level.

Finally, the developers tweaked the balance of the game considerably, giving players a better experience and improving the quality of the PvE content. The game was too focused on PvP and many players had complained about this.

This had a high impact on the quality of life of the players in general and the community responded favorably. Players who weren’t as attracted to previously have now decided to give the game a try, which is growing again.

You can find out about all the changes in the game in the following link to the official website from Black Desert Online.

And what do you think? Will Black Desert Online be worth playing in 2022?

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