Block, the cryptocurrency company of the CEO of Twitter, will seek to make access to Bitcoin mining more accessible

Block’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, (one of the co-founders of Twitter) in October I talked about the company’s interest in building a custom silicon to mine Bitcoin. The company presented a long list of concerns that need to be addressed, including that of make mining more decentralized, efficient and accessible, And I’m talking about expanding silicon development beyond a handful of companies that currently specialize in this area.

Now Block has confirmed his plans to move forward with the project. Thomas Templeton, general manager of hardware at Block, reiterated the importance of making mining more distributed and efficient, as it goes far beyond creating new coins.

The Block team spoke with members of the mining community and found that mining rigs are expensive for most. Reliability is also an issue, as things like heat dissipation and dust buildup can contribute to frequent failures that require a system reboot.

“We want to build something that just works,” Templeton said.

Unsurprisingly, Templeton found that what miners universally want most is lower power consumption and higher hash rates. It will be very important to find the right balance between performance, energy use and noise generation, right?

Block is also pondering which technology to adopt and which industry partners to work with.

To help get things up and running, Block is putting together an engineering team, comprised of system designers, ASIC and software engineers who will be led by Afshin Rezayee, an engineer who knows the subject very well as he has been working on Block for nearly seven years as the leader of his hardware group.

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