Bloomberg announced US forecasts for the start of operation of “Nord Stream 2” – RBK

The United States believes that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline may begin operation in a “couple of months” informs Bloomberg

According to the agency, such data was provided by the Joe Biden administration in a quarterly report on Nord Stream 2, which was submitted to Congress in anticipation of new sanctions.

State Department announced new sanctions over Nord Stream 2

Photo: Stefan Sauer / DPA / TASS

Former Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reportedthat the United States is imposing sanctions on two vessels and one Russian-related company involved in the gas pipeline project. Transadria will be subject to PEESA-based sanctions and its Marlin will be “confiscated”. Another vessel, against which the sanctions will be imposed, has not been named.

Bloomberg indicates that in the US Transadria is considered a shell Russian company registered in Cyprus.

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