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Kazakh mixed style fighter (MMA) Shavkat Rakhmonov commented on the situation in Kazakhstan. Post available in Instagram athlete.

Rakhmonov, 27, known for his performances in the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC), brought condolences to the families and friends of Kazakhstanis who died defending their homeland. The athlete noted that it was painful for him to look at what was happening in the country.

Rakhmonov also addressed the youth. “The future of the country is in your hands,” he added.

The Kazakh fighter has two victories in the UFC. In total, Rakhmonov won 14 victories in his career and did not suffer a single defeat. The athlete’s next fight will take place on February 5. Rakhmonov’s rival will be Carlston Harris from Guyana.

On January 2, protests began in Kazakhstan over a sharp rise in prices for liquefied gas. Later, political ones were added to the economic demands. The protesters called for the resignation of the government, the holding of new elections and the final departure from power of the ex-president of the republic Nursultan Nazarbayev… By January 5, the protests turned into riots

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