Bulgaria celebrates Car Free Day today

Bulgaria celebrates Car Free Day today
Bulgaria celebrates Car Free Day today

On September 22, Bulgaria celebrates World Car Free Day.

According to bourgas.ru, September 22 is World Car Free Day in Bulgaria.

On World Car Free Day, a new survey launched by the Clean Cities Campaign shows that 62% of residents in 5 major European cities support the idea of ​​having one car-free day a week. Polls in London, Barcelona, ​​Warsaw, Brussels and Paris show that a solid majority is in favor of opening the streets of their cities once a week for walking, cycling and fresh air, according to the association For the Earth. The idea is most popular in Warsaw, where 65% of respondents are either “strongly in favor” or “somewhat in favor” of one car-free day a week.

Cities play a key role in achieving climate neutrality by 2050. They occupy only 4% of the territory of the EU, but they are home to 75% of the citizens of the Union. Thus, transport in EU cities makes a huge contribution to fuel consumption and air pollution – it emits about 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions in EU countries.

A car-free day is an idea first used in the 1970s, when the OPEC oil embargo also pushed up fuel prices. In response, 10 European countries are introducing “Car Free Weeks”.

Today, we are simultaneously fighting two complex threats – one for our health, the quality of life in our cities and the future of the planet, and the other – the extortion of oil by Russia. as a result of the military conflict in Ukraine That is why Europe needs urgent action to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

What is being done in this matter in Bulgaria?

Rethinking urban mobility and in particular limiting fossil fuel vehicles in large cities is a hot topic in Bulgaria as well. The association recalls that the metropolitan municipality is in the process of adopting its first low emission zones. The action plan, which is expected to be adopted by the municipality this year, will definitely determine the future of the city in terms of air quality and quality of life in general.

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