Bulgarian plum festival opens in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Plum Festival in Bulgaria
Bulgarian Plum Festival in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Plum Festival opens tonight in Bulgaria.

According to bourgas.ru, the Bulgarian Plum Festival opens in Bulgaria tonight. The 29th Bulgarian Plum Festival opens in Troyan. The three-day holiday takes place in parallel at the Exhibition of Folk Crafts in the village of Oreshak,

The traditional defile of the participants before the opening of the festival will begin with a small market in Troyan and end with a Bulgarian plum tree in Bulgaria, Deputy Mayor Rozalina Rusenova explained.

“In a slightly more out-of-the-box approach called ‘From Grandma’s Chest’, we hope that the participants will be dressed in folk costumes or old town clothes, or will have some kind of element with folklore or ethnic motifs.”

Guests of the festival will be able to touch the local crafts and Balkan traditions of plum production, taste delicious plum dishes and the famous Trojan slivovitz.

A cauldron will be lit on the square and brandy will be cooked.

Reconstructions, exhibitions, competitions, a crafts street and a varied musical program are also planned.

“We combine both traditional things and new things. We believe that everyone will find something for themselves in the festive program,” concluded the deputy mayor.

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