Candidate for mayor Patrik Nacher: Kolobky illustrates the incompetence of the coalition! How m een?

In rmci seril Hell in Prague The editors of Expres regularly point out places in the capital, it is better to avoid them. Abandoned parks and dilapidated buildings have become drug addicts and homeless people, who prey on residents and tourists in the city center.

Patrik Nacherwho is the leading candidate of the ANO movement in the municipal elections and would like to succeed Mayor Zdek Hib, is understandably aware of this problem.

It can’t be changed by waving a magic wand. There are other ones. The first is long-term prevention, which is about investing in sports and leisure activities. The means will be drilled in fifteen to twenty years. Then there is prevention, in places where there is a crisis, you build a service station. At the moment when a police car is parked there, it is a preventive measure, like when you see policemen with machine guns on the flight. No one is saying that it will happen there, but it is prevention. This point is repression, which for a long time is related to the criminal law in the Czech Republic. For example, I have been criticizing for a long time when a hunter is punished for self-sustaining cannabis for medicinal purposes, not someone for a violent crime. That has to change Nacher, who served as chairman of the social committee at the municipality and spent a lot of time among homeless people, shared with Expresa.

Prague has been working with the homeless for a very long time, be inspired by us and others

In the course of his work, Nacher visited the homeless colony under the Hlvkov bridge several times, where the editors of Express regularly go to collect runaway homeless people.

There was a man with a dog who had lived there for about ten years. I don’t know if it’s under there remember Nacher.

It is necessary to operate a low-threshold center that helps homeless people. around the city is to ensure that the capacity remains and that the centers are spread out. When cities will be contacted and hundreds of people will meet there, there will be danger. However, when it comes to work with the homeless, Prague has historically been very much on the political spectrum. Be inspired by us and other metropolises from Europe, remarked the politician.

However, Nacher is not upset when Prague distributes apartments that are not suitable for housing. The editors of Expres drew attention to this issue several times in the past.

To some such people, Prague gave out apartments in Epchy and on Black Bridge. But there is also a teacher and a nurse in the same house. They are in an unpleasant environment, they can’t sleep, there is discomfort and the like. There is no simple recipe for this, but when someone is homeless, it doesn’t work like I can give them an apartment and help them with that. I must not be a lifelong help to Clem, but for a short time, think Nacher.

Nacher is thus a co-author of the so-called grace year, he is able to get rid of the burden of his executions. How do I see the future of the project today, when the high cost of energy, services and goods will have a negative impact on the limited sweat of the people involved? Where will the second round be different?

The difference is in the overall economic atmosphere, in which we give people the opportunity to pay off their debts with public institutions. Vdy Fial’s inflation is seventeen percent. I wouldn’t be surprised if the high cost of energy, services and goods now had a negative impact on the limited sweat of people until the end of November. The basic rule is the same. If the debt is paid with the original debt amount or principal and 1815 crowns to the executor, years, years, and days of payment, they will be forgiven and the execution will end, informs Nacher.

Patrik Nacher showed off his tattoos at the Andla party.

Kolobky illustrates the incompetence of the current coalition

The member of parliament and candidate for the mayor’s office went to the next problem, and that’s the scumbags that are lying around, and it seems that the leader of Prague is at a loss in this matter.

Kolobky beautifully illustrates the inability of the current coalition, which has a lot of flying visions and slogans and then running away. The city is not able to come to an agreement, so it works here like the Wild Entrance. Here is a strong approach with the operators, as when I succumbed to the amendment law, to Nacher.

We should deal with these issues better than countries from the West, because these things (spindles and the like) stick to them from below. It is easy to see where the scooter can be parked, and those places will be clearly indicated. For example, a bicycle thrown on the sidewalk is a big problem for the blind. When the child does not park, he should still be offered a financial incentive to park the scooter in a clean place, and not just throw it away, added Nacher on the spur of the moment.

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