CDEK complained to customs due to delays in orders from Finland – RBK

The company believes that the border crossing officers illegally detain trucks with parcels from online stores, which leads, among other things, to damage to goods.

The courier company CDEK asked the customs authorities to take measures to resolve the situation on the Russian-Finnish border. The company’s statement to RBC indicates that due to the work of the employees of the Torfyanovka border crossing point, the delivery times for goods from Finland, including orders from online stores, have significantly increased.

As noted in the company, in online stores people also buy food, which may deteriorate due to delays at the border.

CDEK argues that the increase in delivery times was caused by the availability of goods, the import of which to individuals for personal needs is allowed in limited quantities. At the same time, customs officials explain the delay of goods with a “vague wording” that “the goods may not correspond to the characteristics of the goods specified in the shipping documentation.” As a result, cars are kept at the crossing for several days, and only then they are inspected.

The court arrested in absentia the former deputy head of the North-Western customs

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan / TASS

CDEK gives an example when the customs authorities were informed in advance about the arrival of a car with parcels at the Torfyanovka checkpoint. However, the assignment of the mandatory UIN number to the transit declaration took four days instead of four hours. As a result, the truck was enlightened and stated that it contained “a product that does not correspond to the characteristics of the product specified in the shipping documentation.” CDEK believes that it was impossible to determine this from an X-ray. As a result, the car was sent for a detailed search, which took a long time.

RBC sent a request to the North-West Customs Administration and to the checkpoint “Torfyanovka”.

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