CEC of Bulgaria received funds for holding elections in 2022

CEC of Bulgaria
CEC of Bulgaria

Recently, the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria allocated 9.5 million leva to the CEC of Bulgaria for machine voting.

According to bourgas.ru, recently the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria has allocated 9.5 million leva from the CEC of Bulgaria for machine voting. By its decision, the government approved additional expenditures in the amount of BGN 9,456,233 for the budget of the Central Electoral Commission for 2022.

The funds are intended to financially support activities for the technical support of electronic machine voting in the elections of people’s deputies on October 2, 2022, this amount includes VAT, the press service of the government reported.

Activities covered by the decree include:
— installation of a demo version of electronic voting;
— parametrization of bulletins;
— configuration, prevention, installation and configuration of specialized devices for electronic machine voting.

The funds will be provided through the restructuring of expenditures and/or transfers under the central budget for 2022.

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