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This year, schoolchildren in grades 5-9 near Moscow will have the opportunity to get to know the history of their native land. The region introduces certificates for children’s tourism, with which you can travel around the region.

The Moscow region is one of the first to be ready to join the school tourism program, the start of which was announced by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin at the beginning of this week. Let me remind you that this year the federal budget will allocate 500 million rubles to 18 regions for children’s travel trips. By adding their own money to them, the regions should create a tourist product designed specifically for children’s interests.

The Moscow region receives the largest subsidy from the federals – 101.5 million rubles. “We are adding another 33.8 million from the regional treasury and have already decided how our program will work,” Linara Samedinova, chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma’s committee on education, culture, science, tourism, sports and youth policy, told RG. They decided to clothe the subsidy in certificates, the receipt of which will become an electronic public service. Samedinova still found it difficult to name the amount that one certificate can provide, but emphasized: there should be enough money for a comfortable trip to the place of interest, entrance tickets, meals and one overnight stay at the hotel.

Schoolchildren will choose the routes of travel on their own. Fortunately, the Moscow region tour operators have a lot of offers designed specifically for the middle school age. Take, for example, the Zoya Museum in the village of Petrishchevo in the Ruza District of the Oblast. This is the newest multimedia museum complex dedicated to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and, in general, the Soviet counteroffensive in the battle of Moscow. Trips to Kolomna are well suited for teenagers – especially visiting the museums of pastila and rolls. There is no shortage of school-age visitors and the Museum of Military Equipment in Kubinka. Yes, practically in every city near Moscow there is something that will be of interest to teenagers: not a museum, so a manor, not a manor, so a reserve. The certificates for schoolchildren will be analogous to the “Pushkin Card” that students receive. But they will be focused primarily on group tourism – that is, joint excursion trips with the class. Only you won’t have to ask your parents for money for these trips.

According to Linara Samedinova, the Moscow region program will start as soon as the region receives a federal subsidy, and the opportunity to implement the certificate will appear on the public services portal. The latter is now actively involved in the regional ministry of public administration, IT-technologies and communications. The go-ahead has already been given to prepare thematic packages for tour operators operating in the Moscow region. “I think we will have all the conditions for a successful start of the program by May,” the deputy said.

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