Comment: You can’t get anything out of the queen’s behavior if you don’t catch it and stand up

Those who are devoted to me can call them fanatics or talk about the fact that it is the forgotten behavior of Stalin, which, of course, none of them remembers, they just need to define themselves and go crazy. When such an event takes place, which may not be repeated, for example, for the next twenty years, but in the case of the death of the longest reigning royal family ever, it is understandable that people want to be part of it despite all the modern technology that allows them to carry the day and into their pockets.

Maybe that’s why. Because what you can fit in your pocket, everyone can have it. Anyone who wants to learn something has to find it, catch it and learn it. Fandom like in the days before smartphones, when you camped at the entrance to the festival to get a seat in the first row, and editorial work from the street without all the press cards and special hats for the media.

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Dotte line and to the end

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