Concrete, log, devo, mesh or plastic. Each fence has its advantages

On the market we can find a huge number of different materials and designs from which to choose. Therefore, the selected fence should fit not only into the style of your house, but also into the surrounding buildings.

The actual design

The basis of each construction is the correct exchange of land boundaries. At the same time, it is important to know exactly where the future entrance and entrance to your garden will be or how far apart the individual posts will be.

The purchase of the necessary material is carried out at these warehouses. For a better visualization of your project, you can use some configurators sold by construction companies.

For example, the Best company called the Best Visio application. Thanks to us, you can prepare a 3D design of your dream fence and get an inventory of the necessary material and an estimate of its price at the same time.

Many sellers offer their own graphic design processing for free. For example, the company Diton offers a calculator on the website, through which you can create an approximate calculation of the amount of material and price, and then work out the visualization itself for yourself.

Building permit

In 2018, the Construction Act was amended (st weaving around the fenced plot here and You can find the full list here). Since then, there is no need for a building permit for fences up to two meters high.

What kind of fence and how to take care of it before winter

However, you must seek the approval of the building council when the fence adjoins public access roads and public space or if the land is located in a non-buildable area.

Compose a paper plan even at the time when you are going to fence the city in a protective letter and a monument stamp.

Suitable material

Should the new fence serve as a protection against the prying eyes of passers-by, a noise barrier, a protection against gusts of wind or can it kill pets on your property?

This must be taken into account when choosing the right fence. That is why we have prepared for you a summary of the most popular materials, their pros and cons.

1. Deva

One of the most used materials in Esk is devo. In particular, spruce, pine or moda are very popular among people. It is an ecological material that is very soft and healing.

If these types are usually not among the most expensive materials, you have to deal with their variability and their potential for gossip.

2. Mesh

Wire and mesh fences are a classic here. The current offer is very varied, so you can choose from several colors and designs. Their high transparency is not guaranteed by private fences, but it is often the cheapest and most accessible option of fences.

Their quick assembly and, consequently, less susceptibility to damage is also convenient. I decided to pay the price and choose plastic-coated mesh, with which you don’t have to spend a lot of time.

3. Concrete

The practical and much more commonly used material is concrete, or concrete formwork laid on top of each other, reinforced and filled with concrete. I keep these fences perfectly private, but I certainly don’t have to act as impenetrable as if it were a drug lord’s hideout.

Building with them is not so difficult, if the correct procedures are followed, their life span is several hundred years. The material is very resistant to damage and strong impact. Some types of roofs also function as noise barriers, according to Petra Tpnkov from the Best consultancy.

4. Forged, metal, plastic, stone

It is the epitome of elegance. If you pay for it, especially in the case of broken wrought iron fences, you will be out of date for a few hundred years ahead.

If, in addition, their surface is flat zinc plated, they are essentially groove-free (about the need to complete all technological procedures here).

Another option is plastic fences, which are known for their extraordinary durability and stability even under the influence of time. Thanks to its lightness and true imitation, it is very popular. Navc are very nenron to gossip.

The possibility of their color matching with windows, doors and other elements in the garden is also convenient.

m dl vt do you like the so-called WPC. It is a modern and ecological material composed of cotton and polymer, which is completely wrinkle-free. In addition, it impresses with its natural appearance in many color variants inspired by the deep shades of devin (this What can I recycle?).

For the foundation of the builder, he gave the option of a wall or a stone fence. Both types look great in any type of building, and provide plenty of peace and privacy. The possibility of combining them with other types of materials, such as wood, plastic and metal, is also convenient. The disadvantage is their price and their built-in.

5. and the fence

The last possibility is self-borrowing even in the fence. With enough time and effort, you can turn it into an ornament in your garden. The first step is the correct selection of plants. A comprehensive list of plants that are best suited for a fence can be found here.

You can combine deciduous and coniferous plants, flowering, poppan, deciduous and non-deciduous. It is necessary to take into account the locality in which the selected plot is located, and the time when you will be able to dedicate a portion of the fence.

even the fence is the lowest first on the following Friday. It should be visited at least twice a year.

Are these your favorites? Find out which variety is recommended by an experienced gardener:

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