Congratulations on the 90th anniversary of the home front worker from the Chuchkovo village of Dudkino –

Happy 90th birthday to a home front worker from the Chuchkovo village of Dudkino

On September 21, Alexandra Romanova, the oldest resident of the village of Dudkino, was congratulated on her 90th birthday. Alexandra Mikhailovna was born in the village of Alexandrovka (which would now belong to the Unkosovsky settlement).

Alexandra Mikhailovna compares how the current life differs from the past. He says that at that time it took considerable effort to heat a dwelling, as well as to feed a family, it was also not easy. Only thanks to large families, where everyone brought their piece of bread to the house, and survived. Alexandra, like many of her fellow villagers, had a close-knit family. Children grew up – and they had the main meaning. The woman gave all of herself so that her loved ones would not need. Whom only did not work. She performed men’s work at peat extraction. In the construction team, she prepared mountains of cement for agricultural facilities being built in Ekaterinovka, Putyatinsky District. Then at the local state farm in the sheepfold she took care of the animals, she went to the noble calf in the foremost workers. For a kind heart and an open soul, she was invited to work as a nanny – the abilities of a teacher were also useful to her.

Misrikhan Omarov, head of the local agricultural enterprise Dudkino LLC:

Alexandra Mikhailovna worked for the good of the state and also raised two sons and a daughter. Now the sons are taking care of their mother“.

On this day, the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, home front worker Alexandra Romanova came to congratulate the employees of the district and local administrations for her many years of work in agriculture. They handed over a personal letter and a gift from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and wished him long, happy years of life, promised to visit him on his centenary birthday.

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