Covid stle sl. It can also be seen on people holding hands in public transport

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Their marriage is completely voluntary in public, certain and limited pay, for example in hospitals. In some areas, airways must be protected, or access is restricted.

The number of daily sweat infected in a week-to-week comparison has been increasing since the beginning of the year. Experts expect a worse situation in five months and advise people to get vaccinated against covid.

The incidence rate, i.e. the number of new cases of infection in the last seven days per 100,000 inhabitants, is increasing accordingly. As of today, there were 148 cases, a week ago it was 135. The highest incidence is now in the Krlovhradecky region with 171 cases, and the lowest in the Karlovy Vary region with 101 infections.

The laboratory then tests everything for the coronavirus. On Thursday, around 11,660 antigen and PCR tests were processed, which was a total of 720 more than last Thursday. According to experts, only a fraction of the seriously infected pass the tests.

Either you don’t have any symptoms, or you have a mild case at home without any symptoms. So, Covid has affected a lot of people, don’t give statistics.

Since the start of the epidemic in March 2020, 4.09 million cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Estonia. This rate does not include cases where someone has been infected repeatedly.

The Ministry of Health records 328,000 cases of repeated infection, on Thursday there were 1,214 such cases. During the entire period of the epidemic, there were 41,000 people with proven covid in the country. Recent statistics show the number of deaths per day.

6.89 million people were fully protected against the disease. 4.3 million people received the first strengthening dose, and about 264,500 received the second, that is, far fewer, not how many of them I can claim. I’m looking for a door frame, but it’s been growing lately. On Thursday, about 9,700 people drank for the holiday, about 1,160 more than a week ago. Vtina of them received strengthening doubles.

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