Czech Republic has the fastest laser in the world. He will perform the eye surgery in 10 seconds

This femtosecond laser device is currently the most modern and fastest in the world. Dioptric defects, nearsightedness, astigmatism and very soon farsightedness, which until now could not be operated with the help of this device, can be operated with, she said for the server Lucie Valeov, head of the NeoVize clinic.

The device, which is in great demand in the world and costs several million crowns to develop, works on the principle of a micro-burst, in the eye it forms one liquid next to another, and the inner tissue models what it wants to reveal. Thanks to this, the surgeons can operate under the surface of the cornea and not go to the top. This method has been worked on for many years, but now this device has gained new parameters and significantly accelerated, which offers both patients and patients comfort. It is a free method of operation.

The device can handle eye surgery in ten seconds

The device is 2-3 times faster than previous lasers, which means that instead of 30 seconds, when the patient had to hold out without moving, the patient will have to hold out for only 10 seconds. For patients, this is a huge difference, 10 seconds is the time for which the patient should feel that he did not even know that something happened, Valeov explained. The device allows easy manipulation, which, however, is different in its own way compared to other lasers. The operation is therefore much more comfortable for both patients and doctors.

The patient was not in the tunnel during the operation, the laser only touched the shoulders. Patients do not have to worry about the feeling of claustrophobia. The tool is rather softly lit, compared to the harsh light in the previous tool variants.

After laser surgery, patients can immediately notice improved vision without diopters. The cornea is swollen after the surgery and by the second day after surgery, I can see it like a dog. On the first day after surgery, patients can already function normally in some way. They can watch you on TV tonight, that’s no problem. Every eye is rehabilitated and it is necessary for everyone to realize that the total rehabilitation will take a week, added Valeov. According to primky, they are very excited about the operation, and patients praise the comfort of its procedure.

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