Dear and stay safe, Dynamo fans, trust the quality of the hockey buffet

Once again, the strength of the social media was in full force. Immediately after the first home game of the new season, hockey fans of Pardubice were so vocal about the quality of the coverage in the interior arena that the Dynamo team decided to urgently address the situation with the Coloseum company. The two sides met this week and had the whole issue on the table right away.

It bothered people on Sunday that there were no signs hanging anywhere. It was not possible to pay by card. Some were surprised by the prices of the 0.4-liter bottle of beer for 55 kroner, kupka or Hradec tyky for 60 kroner, and for the children’s menu (2 colas + 2 prek) people gave 364 kroner according to their vote. And what about the evergreen fandom, the quality and quality of the product range.

It’s slowly getting better, it’s better not in Pardubice, sorry… For me, it’s not a problem to pay, but for the quality. When someone gives me a tiny disgusting sausage and a slice of bread for a hundred, or something like a maxi-hotdog in Litvnov, it’s a big difference, wrote Michal abala on Twitter.

In the end, there were so many similar responses that even the owner of Dynamo, Petr Ddek, had to respond. The wave of resentment was surprisingly massive. We have noted the price and quality of the stadium covers. We are in contact with the operator. During Dynamo’s five domestic matches, we will carry out checks and then take steps if it falls, said Ddek.

According to the club spokesman Jan Mroviec, the fans should honor the match on Sunday evening, when Pardubice will play Mlada Boleslav in the Enteria Arena.

In the near future, payment terminals will be available and, of course, menu boards with prices. At the latest during the next match with Sparta, there will be 20 percent more sausages on offer. In addition, a sweet corner will be created in the Buly bar under the Hattrick restaurant, where it will be possible to buy quality kva. With the progress of the season, the supply will expand, Dynamo said.

Negotiations with the club’s management have really taken place and we will do our best to bring the services together as much as possible, said the operating editor of the Coloseum company, Vladimr Bure.

The company Coloseum could have been there two years ago. The club left her in the hall

Fans can now hope that the promises will be fulfilled. However, historical experience is a source of acumen. The main thing that is bizarre about the whole event is that the company’s five job changes have been talked about for years. There is nothing wrong with the wind in the hall, and if it is, then to hell with it.

Let’s get rid of the Colosseum, which people have been waiting for for a long time, and then the city will sign a contract with the same company and have its own club. I don’t understand that and it bothers me a lot, said ODS representative Karel Haas at one of the local councils in March 2019.

At that time, the multi-year contract of this company ended, and the fans thought that someone else would have the wings and beer under their thumb for the abundantly attended matches. They were just praying.

The company was originally supposed to close at the end of this summer. In the end, she asked for two and we didn’t have time to choose anyone else. We were incredibly tight at times, that’s why we signed a contract with Coloseum until the end of April 2020, Duan Salfick, the manager of the club and a politician from the ANO movement, said at the change meeting of the council.

And now it seems that the company will be in the market for a long time. The club has already extended the contract again, although according to Jan Mroviec, it is not possible to say exactly how long it will be. Therefore, let’s take a look at the construction of the new arna, which Petr Ddek fulfills.

It’s a trade secret, he said, adding that in the end, the club did not ask any other clothing supplier to hire women.

The recruitment of women was supposed to take place, but it did not take place due to the potential construction of a new factory. It would not make sense for a catering company to invest 10 million crowns in real estate. Of course, taking into account the fact that the club could collapse in the next few years, added the press release.

Quite a few interested people don’t like Dynamo’s actions very much. Among the five, for example, the board of directors of the Development Fund, Alexandr Krej. It’s their fight, I hope you see what happens. I would rather not even comment on it, said Krej from the ODS, who is also a regional councilor.

Paradoxically, Petr Ddek, the billionaire from Vrchlab, paid extreme attention to buffets during negotiations with the city on the purchase of the share. After his pressure, the representative finally agreed that the hockey club has exclusivity over catering establishments in the city hall.

And it doesn’t matter whether hockey, basketball or the hall is sold out by the Kabt group. The council immediately pledged to give pensions to the catering industry. Only the profit from this investment will fall into someone else’s lap. It’s probably the first one, but is it correct and is it set up in German? They obviously cannot use the land for their own benefit and the party’s message, said representative Haas.

The quality of the food and drink is good even for a basketball player

The sad state of oberstven has an impact on other sports as well. Not long ago, the representatives of the Czech basketball team, which played in the arena before the European Championship, heard your criticism.

People were concerned about the quality and prices of food and drink, it was a shame. When I then compared it with services in Croatia during the Eurobasket, it was several levels higher. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it, it’s all about the hockey club that chose the company, said Pavel Stara of the board of directors of BK JIP Pardubice, who is trying to bring the national team’s saves to the arena.

It takes a long time for the operation of oberbets in the arn. We don’t have a day of training, we can’t sell the name of the hall first, we don’t have access to the VIP room, we don’t have our premises, we don’t have the profit from the sale, said Pavel Stara.

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