Disposal of containers will not lead to an increase in prices of more than 1.5% KXan 36 Daily News

The adoption of the law on the mandatory complete disposal of packaging by the manufacturer from the goods released by him will increase the cost within 1.5% and should not significantly affect prices. This was reported to RG by the head of the Russian Ecological Operator (REO), Denis Butsaev, on the sidelines of the Gaidar Forum. According to him, this indicator in most cases will be much lower, such an increase in the cost will occur only in some cases, when the container is most unsuitable for its processing.

The new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) law provides for the complete recycling of all used packaging and partially of the goods themselves. It was supposed to be adopted in the autumn so that the document would come into force in 2022. However, due to disagreements in the government, this was not done. According to Butsaev, it is impossible to implement the waste reform and achieve the national goal of reducing landfill disposal by half without financial revenues from the ROP.

“Many components of the waste do not need the support of the ROP,” added the head of the PPK REO. “But we need to recycle everything, including fractions with which it is unprofitable to work.”

One of the most profitable for recycling waste was called the electronics that had served its age, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government Victoria Abramchenko. She referred to data from Chinese experts who calculated that it is 13 times more profitable to mine gold, silver, palladium and platinum from old computers, TVs and smartphones than from ore.

“Now the level of waste recycling is from 4% to 7%, which is catastrophically low,” Butsaev added. “First of all, they choose paper and aluminum, the indicators for glass are lower. increased by 3.5 times following the rise in the price of primary raw materials – oil.

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